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Re: Waiting game

Postby Greenman » Fri Apr 21, 2017 1:19 pm

Since writing about the braking 'surge', I've been back to the hill for a couple of checks. Now obviously I don't want to take any risks, so the check is a bit curtailed, but it seems better. I'm making a huge assumption that the cause was the electric motor dropping out of the braking cycle at low speeds and suddenly transferring the full load to the hydraulics. So possibly the recall that they did to cure the hesitation in pick-up at the point of a stop, quickly followed by acceleration e.g. at a junction with no traffic in sight, may have also changed the braking cycle? Or possibly it is just due to settling down with use? I'd be glad to hear of any other experiences.
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Re: Waiting game

Postby deguy » Sun Apr 23, 2017 1:14 pm

Emperor wrote:Ordered my BlueNiro 2 with Adapt Pack, (and front sensors to be dealer fitted on arrival) on 31st December 2016, [...] with a possible arrival date by 23rd May!

Probably won't comfort you much, but I ordered my Ocean Blue Kia Niro 'Spirit' (German spec somewhere between 2nd & 3rd Edition) on 25th November and the dealer is now quoting me Wk19 (8-12th May), which he helpfully explained as 'mid-to-end May', originally quoted as end March. He added that he is quoting 7 month delivery time for new orders.

Emperor wrote:Kia Customer Services have offered me the 3 year service + MoT pack free, as a good will gesture. Not exactly a stunning start to my dealings with Kia and especially so after the impeccable albeit expensive customer care I have received over the years from Mercedes.

That's a result with the service pack and MOT! I'm not sure if they even have these service packs here in Germany. Like you say, the waiting game does rather spoil the initial impression of Kia service, and like yourself I am a first-time buyer coming over from Mercedes, although I was unhappy with how they ignored me on the now infamous built-to-fail sunroof on the B-Class, so sometimes you just can't win.
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