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Totaled my Hyundai IX35 1.7 before Christmas it was a well spec’d car but it was a diesel, the right car for 5 years ago but not for now. I put the insurance pay out in a savings a/c whilst I decided what to buy and bought an ancient one owner from new Ford Ka from my sister in law. Primitive car but great fun, very nippy, cheap to insure and run.
I want a Niro and the prices of ex demos is coming down. As we cme up to spring it is time to look around for the right Niro.

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Currently have a merc eclass estate, which I’ve had for 3 years.
Decided to change to a Niro 4, which I’ll be picking up tomorrow, due to upcoming diesel grief, and the council about to impose
Double charge for my parking permit.
Niro obviously not a direct replacement for my merc, but it ticked a lot of boxes, except the Park assistant, which I note, is standard on EU Niro high spec cars.
Looking forward to the new car, will update accordingly.
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My car was a nissan dig-t pulsar which in many ways was a fine car. My commute of only 40 miles per day did however cost me about 45 per week. One day while having a sick child glued to my knee I saw an ad for a hybrid mondeo. I took a test drive and loved it, although the cost meant I would have no savings on my current payments. Still my appetite was whetted and began looking at the obvious Prius etc. Then by accident I stumbled across a ex demo niro and made enquiries. I was taken in from the start, and love this car. Could I pick out minor niggles? Probably at a stretch but the overall package is great even though its the 2 version. Why dont kia advertise this car, if not for stumbling across it I wouldn't even know this car existed!
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Glad you like it. Yes it's not perfect but it's has its good points.
All hybrid cars has the same problem of course, you are carrying around both ice engine and EV technology so the car is heavier and less efficient than it could be. In addition the engine has to run to provide heating in winter, some of the time and is therefore not at its most efficient temperature a lot of the time, which is why mpg is so much lower in winter and emissions higher. Still compromises have gone made.
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