How to clean the front lip and rear valance

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Hello Niro Forums

I have been asked to clean a Kia niro 2020 4 for a family member. It's in generally excellent condition so easy to do except the front bumper lip and rear valance have me puzzled. They appear oxidised and have some kind of water marks on them. What is it made of? Looks like aluminium. Feels like plastic?

What's the groups considered opinion on how to clean it? I have plenty of things I could try in stock but don't want to risk harming it.



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My previous Niro - a 2017 GD2 HEV, developed a similar problem.
A magazine review of the car in 2017 included this statement :-

"Made up of 53 per cent advanced high-strength steel, Niro’s structure is particularly strong. It also has liberal doses of aluminium. Its bonnet, tailgate panel, front bumper back beam and several chassis elements, including the front knuckles, front lower arms and brake calipers are made of aluminium to further help reduce weight. Even the parking brake pedal, which is made of fibre-reinforced plastic, contributes to the weight savings. The lightweighting theme spreads into the interior as the front powered seats save 1.3kg each thanks to their high-strength steel frames. The shapely front seats are also space-saving with special foam-backed covers and slim headrests".

Hence it would not be a surprise for the parts you refer to being made from aluminium which anodises if the clear coat is damaged. You often see the problem on diamond cut alloy wheels.

Having said that - my 2021 facelift Niro appears to have those parts made of plastic. Could you not use sharp pointed probes on an ohmeter on the underside to confirm whether it is metal.
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