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Kia e-Niro which offers an all-electric, zero-emissions powertrain
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Colin Lambert
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i tried an experiment coming back from Sherborne to Poole on Monday.
I was using zero recharge all the time (freewheeling) and only using the PLUS paddle for braking, right down to one pedal halt.
Quite a lot of long slopes no real down hill hills and a couple of fairly steep uphills. I was up to all speed limits wherever traffic permitted, so it was not a crawl home.
I was doing 8 miles to ONE% of battery= 8 HUNDRED miles to the charge.
On a long flat run it would not work of course.
Taking the miles I have done + the miles left it is running at 318 miles to a full charge and has been over 300 ever since I’ve had it.
300+miles for £13! very nice thank you!
This morning on a 3 mile urban drive, (30 limit) using the same criteria as above with two slopes down and one steep up. i managed to regain 2 miles.
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