Forward looking safety systems contantly failing

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I have had my 23 Niro 4 for nearly a year and it has been plagued by alarms on the dash, adaptive cruise failure, lane assist failure in fact 7 different alarms that go off one after the other , then they sit there on the dash for about 20 mins until they reset . Its not weather related, camera is clear front radar is clear , completely random , one of them is the driver alert which as far as I know is a sensor inside the car. Kia dealer says outside interference is the most likely cause and they cant do anything ! As the manual states clearly that you can't turn off both alarm and steering wheel shake on the lane safety assist because its a safety issue I can't see that the dealer can just wash their hands of it, but where to go next ? trying a different dealer for the service thats due but not holding my breath . Anyone else seen this kind of problem.

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I've had this twice but only on roads in Hampshire when staying away from home. I concluded it's a 'feature' of the car either due to a software bug with the sensors being confused by processing the data or interference as you say. The issue of 7 warnings going off in sequence is simply poor software engineering when one warning would suffice. Some people get an error code stored in the car which may persuade Kia to replace the camera but for me no warnings are stored.
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Have you tried updating the software? It can be done over t'internet.? URL suggests that if the car is over 6 months old it should be updated. ... re-update/
When I bought my eNiro at 2 y.o. the system was 2 yeras out of date. The dealer did it for me as my internet did not have the capacity. to handle such a large download.
It completely changed the OS. It is NOT just the 'navigation'.
Good luck.
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As Routemaster says, there is no spare fitted as standard. I bought my 2021 Karoq SEL as a pre-register and it had no spare, just an inflation kit. The dealer supplied and fitted the space saver wheel and kit at my request.


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