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Post by Derekhandforth »

I regularly drive in the Republic of Ireland where they use KPH.

Can a Niro 2 digital speedometer and SatNav be temporarily changed to Kilometres?



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Post by Recycleman »

Satnav can be altered in the settings but the digital speedo can’t
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Post by Derekhandforth »

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Same here Derekhandforth, my previous car (insignia) was easily adjusted by seetting digital dash speedo to kph. Niro not so good so have just memorised mph to kph
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Post by Suman »

If you have an android phone, you can run the Waze app in Android Auto mode. It includes a GPS speedometer which you can set to KM/H or MPH.
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Post by Topicalcat »

On apple Waz is also available, as is an app called Speed Box which clearly shows either MPH or KPH.
My Hyundai speedo was hopless as the marked readings in small type on the speedo went in even 20kph steps of 40,60,80,100,120,140kph, rubbish as French speed limits tend to be 30, 50, 70, 90, 110, 130. Is the standard Niro speedo any better?
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Hi all,
Derek, I had a common problem. Here is what I did:
I converted kmp speed limits to mph (they have 45-60-80-90-100-120-150 kmp limits in Germany where I travel) here: ... iles-to-km
And made marks on my speedometer with tape and marker.
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Post by keyshed »

I don’t know if Mk 2 Niro door handles are the same as Mark 1 in terms of shape, but if they are you might have some luck at a reputable breakers yard?


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