What Colour Niro?

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Post by SBBJT »

What colour Niro will you be getting?

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Post by Jad3d »

I am undecided. I have been considering black the most as I have always liked black on any car but I am not too sure. The deep blue looks nice as well. I will be able to decide the closer I get to buying it.
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Post by T552 »

Getting a midnight black. 2st choice was graphite but all gone for 16 weeks
Niro 2 midnight black (No ADAP) Sept 17
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Post by PhillipM »

We have gone for ocean blue first edition, due in just 1 months time ! Carn't wait :)
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Post by Martinb »

Went for Ocean Blue v2 with extra pack. Build is in October with estimated delivery early December. Can't wait also.
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Post by Niro74 »

Another order for Ocean Blue v2 with ADAP and 8 to 12 weeks delivery.
peter bunce
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Post by peter bunce »

Temptation Red, being built for me as I added a safety pack.

Peter Bunce
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Post by Ianb1550 »

I've just ordered a first edition in pearl white, I was going for a niro2 but I couldn't resist the first edition, great features
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Post by AlanHo »

I ordered a white Niro 2 with ADAP on 24th October with a proviso that if delivery is after 1st April 2017 the order is cancelled and I will keep my 2015 Venga 3 auto. The dealer claims to be struggling to get a build or delivery date.
Currently Sept 2021 Niro 3 HEV in Ocean Blue
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Post by h2onorth »

I gave up ordering any car with the ADAP because none coming in until after april. How did you get on with your order??
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