Car inactive but single flashing light on dash

Kia e-Niro which offers an all-electric, zero-emissions powertrain
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Post by KevinKicks »

I've had the eNiro for a few months now and it's just started occasionally doing something a little odd - hopefully members can advise.
The car is parked, locked and inactive. It's currently charged to about 50% and was last used about 5 days ago.
Of the 3 green charging light indicators on the dash, the leftmost (looking at the car from the front) light is flashing off and on just like it does when the car is on charge.
Looking through the drivers window, the minimum display is showing on the console (behind the steering wheel) like when you've powered off and about to leave the car.
I've communicated with the car via the Kia Connect app and everything is in order, as expected including the monthly report.
However, this behaviour isn't constant, I've just looked again and its stopped flashing.
Is it trying to tell me something ?

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Post by DaveS »

Hi Kevin Yes Mine does the same . I first noticed it about 2 weeks after we go the car 22/12/2021. I did go the dealership and they almost laughed at me to begin with (but that is another story) when I did speak with the service team they told me it was hard to diagnose as it's an intermittent fault. They told me to film it if it happens again, which is has about 3 times in the last week and that's only when I have seen it happen, as it is in the garage all day. I don't notice anything else happening when it does happen and the battery life doesn't seem to drop. But I would like to know what is causing it and if it doing anything detrimental to the car or battery?
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Hi. I've seen this too. According to the manual, P19, it means that the 12Vbattery is being charged. I think this happens for 20 minutes each day.
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