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My e-Niro has a front-facing camera built into the rear-view mirror assembly. This supports the lane-keeping system and (I guess) supplements radar sensor data for distance-keeping and emergency braking. My question is whether the camera data is recoverable in the event of a collision or, if not, can it be made to do so? It would be senseless to fit a dashcam if I already have one.

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1) the camera works in the visible spectrum
2) is of sufficient resolution, and
3) that there is some form of data capture system
then maybe some electronics whizzkid somewhere might be able to rig something up for you. Assumption 1) might be correct, I'd be amazed if 2) and 3) were.
There are no user settings of any kind relating to the use of the camera.
Good luck, and as always, let us know how you get on.....
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I asked this question on another forum. I was told it is available in some countries but not the UK for some reason. It is a missed opportunity in my opinion. The cameras are there , it just needs a memory card somewhere to record the data.
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