Hybrid Battery Charge Level

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Re: Hybrid Battery Charge Level

Post by Greenman » Mon Aug 07, 2017 8:58 pm

I reached 100% charge just by slow driving around local roads, though there was no gradients either up or down. The smell was not acrid, but indicative to me of warm components. Academic really, as I've never got anywhere over 75% since. The software update recall that stopped a hesitation from deceleration to acceleration, and which I now believe changed the sat nav routing, might also have changed the battery parameters, but North's experience says that this is probably not the case. After reaching the 100% charge I had to accelerate up hill and the battery indicator dropped back after about 400 yds. As I've said never happened again, which is a relief. If I've any concern it is the lead acid battery in the boot which seems to need a decent run weekly to keep it charged. Chief symptom of low charge is the central locking not working first time on entry.
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Re: Hybrid Battery Charge Level

Post by djbobbins » Thu Aug 10, 2017 8:53 pm

Similar experience today, came through the St Bernard pass from Italy into Switzerland, which was followed by 10+ miles of downhill on the Swiss side. During this pet of the journey, the battery charged fully (no smells or other issues) the engine then kicked in and held in gear to provide engine braking. Once off the downhill, the car uses the EV mode more than at normal charge levels.

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Re: Hybrid Battery Charge Level

Post by wrzoch » Mon Aug 27, 2018 7:55 pm

There is no any gain in HEV (no plugin) to charge battery to 100% in normal condition.
It is the most economic when gave back accumulated energy as often as possible and whenever it gives benefits (accelerating, going uphill).
Because of that you will notice 100% ONLY when there was no possibility to gave back the energy.

Niro has (or at least should have according to advertisements) also very clever navigation system, which uses road topology and could estimate when and where it would be best for the car to charge batteries and when to use stored energy. I've never heard of any other car which actually do that and there is a couple of hybrids/PHEVs on the market right now.

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