Adding a 12v socket to the boot area

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Adding a 12v socket to the boot area

Post by Knuttucks » Mon Oct 30, 2017 9:40 pm

I'm collecting my Niro 4 on 13th November and am keen to add a 12v socket in the boot area for cool box etc. I don't really want a cable occasionally running through the entire cabin and between the rear seats because the dog/kids will get tangled in it!!!

Originally I was going to connect direct to the battery with a discharge protector but as the battery has changed/relocated this is no longer an option.

Does anyone know which unused switched outputs in the fuse box would be suitable for this purpose or how easy it will be to route cable? I imagine using a fuse box tap to connect plus any suitable earthing point in the boot.

Any other creative or ingenious solutions welcome.

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