General Observations of my PHEV so far

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General Observations of my PHEV so far

Post by pjm5755 » Wed Oct 03, 2018 4:55 pm

I have now had my Niro PHEV for just under a month and clocked up around 1200 miles, so these are my general observations.

The car is very good and I'm pleased that it eventually arrived. It starts on EV (electric vehicle) mode and with a full charge I am consistently getting around 30 miles range, which I think is good. My journey to work is just over that amount but I seem to make it on EV, then we have charging stations at the office, so I can get home again without use of the petrol engine. I expect it will be different in the winter with more heater and lights demand. It keeps up with traffic on EV well and is good in stop start commute traffic.

I have loaded POD app on my phone and there are some free charge points in various location, but I have never stayed long enough for a full charge. I generally charge at home and work and it takes around 2hrs 15 - 30 minutes. At home I'm on economy 7 and I recon it costs me about 80-90p to fully charge the car, so not bad for 30 miles.

There have been a couple of 160 mile trips, one at 220 miles and the car switches seamlessly as a hybrid (HEV mode) between electric and petrol throughout. My overall mpg reading in the car is currently 140 mpg and I think that's about right as I don't have to put in that much petrol.

Ok, I know I'm going on a bit now, but will finally mention the adaptive cruise control, which works well and I use it a lot, just like I did on my last car - a VW Golf diesel. Would I go back to diesel, well no, I actually like the PHEV, its very economical and tends to grow on you.

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Re: General Observations of my PHEV so far

Post by niroal » Wed Oct 17, 2018 7:03 am

My previous car was a Kuga diesel & like you there is no way I would go back to diesel now. However the loss of the grant may mean I go normal hybrid rather than plug in. Will have to see how prices compare in 2 1/2 years time.
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