Temporary electrical gremlin?

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Temporary electrical gremlin?

Post by djbobbins » Sun Jan 12, 2020 9:47 pm

I had a couple of worrying but seemingly temporary electrical gremlins today, in close succession.

Firstly, shortly after starting a journey, with outside temperature about 8 centigrade, I got to a set of traffic lights. We had walked up a hill before getting into the car so were not cold and instead of sitting with the ICE racing, I touched the “off” button on the heater controls and, as expected, the ICE cut out.

However, worryingly when the lights went green, I put my foot on the accelerator to pull away and the car refused to move - no movement from either the electric motor nor life from the ICE, despite the car being in drive. I quickly put the car in park, turned on the hazard lights, turned the ignition off and on again, moved the car into drive, foot on the gas and we moved off on electric power, the engine started a split second later.

Secondly, a couple of miles down the road when I then put the heating back on, I wanted to adjust the temperature up a couple of degrees. The buttons were lit up (showing “Auto” on the driver’s side button) but when I turned the temperature knob, the message on the screen showed “Off”. Somewhat bemused, I tried again but with the same outcome.

I then pushed the “Off” button on the heater controls, then “Auto” again and the system came back on. However, bizarrely, it had obviously been doing something in the background during my previous attempts as it now showed the target temperature as being set at 26.5 degrees, far higher than where I normally keep it.

After that, we drove the rest of the 100 or so miles home with no further issues. The glitches are therefore bizarre and hopefully not to be repeated - particularly the failure to start.

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