Charging Issues with Octopus

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I have owned my Niro PHEV for a year now and have happily charged with the fixed Octopus "Go Faster" tariff at 7.5p/unit. However,all good things come to an end and I opted for the Intelligent Octopus tariff. However,I have now been on it for over two weeks and they have a "warning issue " coming up and seem to at a loss as to what to do. They asked me to contact Kia UK to see if they knew of any issues and they did not know of any. I rang my dealer who siad there was an isuue of "confusion" regarding Kia and Octopus concerning the cars. They suggest that there is an issue between Kia and Octopus but they have not been put in the picture and recommend that I avoid IO until it is sorted. My Ohme charger performed my charge scheduling last year and I was very happy with that but now IO will handle my charging programme and I am concerned that they can't carry out this function. I will ask them can I stay on IO but re-enable Ohme charging until it is sorted but I ahe a feeling they will say no as it defeats the whole object of IO. Has anyone else hit this issue with Octopus and Kia yet? I wouldn't mind but I am fully compatible by having a Kia and an Ohme charger. I am reluctant to leave Octopus as I believe them to be a good company and I love my PHEV - this is my third Niro and I have just replaced my wife's shopper with the Picanto so I do hope they can sort it. Thanks for listening to my woes!

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Judging by what has been posted on another forum (Kia Owners Club) many people have had problems with Intelligent Octopus not talking to Kia Niros properly. And Kia are definitely aware of this. The Niro seems to be added to, and then dropped from the list of compatible vehicles with monotonous regularity. Most complaints are from owners of EV's, which require a longer charging time. I have a Niro PHEV and I use Octopus GO, which works perfectly in conjunction with my Wallbox Pulsar Plus charger. GO only gives a four hour cheap rate period, but that is plenty for a PHEV. Try comparing the GO rates with the IO rates, and see if switching to GO would suit your circumstances. I, too, find Octopus an excellent provider, and agree they are worth staying with.
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Many thanks for your response. I had a gratifying year using Octopus "Go Faster" which even allowed me to select my off peak from 9.30pm to 01.30am - very civilised! Being retired most of my journeys are local so most of my mieage was using EV so getting a good rate per unit which with this tariff was 7.50p. Thankyou for your advice. I will study the option of Go
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I am currently with Shell Energy and for some reason they are selling to Octopus. I have a 21 eNiro. Should I be concerned re charging probs.?
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