Prospective new Niro owner

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Prospective new Niro owner

Post by FuzzyDuck » Fri Jan 12, 2018 10:09 pm


I currently have a diesel Qashqai on a PCP deal that runs until the end of the year. I've started to look around for a replacement as I want to move away from a diesel car. So my key requirements are:

1) Small/medium SUV (with a decent boot space for golf clubs & trolley)
2) Petrol Hybrid (but not PHEV)
3) Driver aids such as lane assist, collision warning etc.
4) Sunroof or panaramic roof

The last one is actually from wife, she hates dingy interiors. Nissan fails on 2) as they have no hybrids currently. I looked at the Toyota C-HR which initially looked attractive but fails on 4). I eventually found the Kia Niro and as far as I can see the Niro 4 ticks all the boxes. The only other request from wife is that the car should be in red, but it seems the 4 is not available in that colour, which seems strange.

I've had a few quotes via CarWow and the best deal is from Kia Lincoln, roughly %13 discount (including deposit contribution) which seems a good deal. I would rather deal with my local Kia dealer (Basingstoke) but in case they won't (can't) match the Lincoln deal, does anyone have any feelings on the Lincoln dealership (good or bad)?



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