New Niro in Ireland

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New Niro in Ireland

Post by Hermano » Mon Jan 23, 2017 8:32 pm

Collected my Platinum Graphite (aka grey) Niro 10 days ago, have seen plenty of Niros being transported to dealerships across Ireland but none on the road yet!

Irish spec Niros only went on sale last November and differ a bit to UK ones; we get one spec (EXL) that has the smaller wheels but full leather, heated seats and steering wheel etc. Then there's an ADAS model and that's it. Small market plus Kia Ireland can't just use UK spec models here because they have MPH speedos.

Anyway, I drove a Hyundai Veloster before this and needed something more spacious but wasn't interested in the Sportage. Plus diesel doesn't appeal to me; I feel there's about to be a huge backlash against it and certainly from working in the motor industry myself, I feel the hidden costs of diesel (maintenance, DPFs failing, NOx emissions) are just too much.

Had considered a Prius but I thought the Niro was better specced and much more practical. Have really enjoyed the first 1,000km; did most of that in a 600km round trip yesterday. Kept at a steady 120km/h (75mph) for most of it and got 6.2l/100km (38mpg).

I do hope the figures improve from this. While it's better than my old Hyundai (a 1.6 petrol that rarely got below 7.4l/100km or 32mpg), it's not amazing. I'm just hoping the economy will improve as the engine is broken in. I got a full tank of petrol with the car and just about managed 640km (400 miles) with it, hoping for more with the next few tanks!

Also wondering what the story is with Apple CarPlay? My dealer didn't know when it was coming to the Niro, Kia publicity suggested 2017 models would come with it but so far nothing.

Really enjoying the comfort of the Niro; it's an effortless motorway cruiser and quite refined. Probably in its element on a two-lane road i.e. below motorway speed. The interface is the best I've ever had in a car, also love the room in the back and headroom. Plus it's a miracle worker on insanely-steep multi story car park ramps!

Early days but enjoying it so far!

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