Greetings from Happy 1 month owner in Denmark

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Greetings from Happy 1 month owner in Denmark

Post by pchrist7 » Tue Jun 20, 2017 2:11 pm

Hi All
I'm the proud and very happy owner of a Niro here in Denmark for a month now (first registered january 2017).
Model ? In Denmark we have absurdly high taxes on cars, so the import options are a bit limited.
In DK we have 3 versions: Vision, Comfort and Advance (highest equipment). All with 16" wheels.
Lucky me found a demo Advance model with leather seats and full JBL pack.
Love it !
Reading this forum I probably should get ECU, TomTom updated when possible. Other stuff ?

1. My headlights/lights are set to Auto and it gets stupidly confused in bright sunlight once in a while.
Might be shadowy parts during early morning, but .. ? Anyway: lights off/auto and it works again.
2. ECU update: AFAICS the ECU update gives a bit smoother ride, gear shift, more usage of the hybrid ?
Better fuel economy ?

I'm still learning Niro, an older guy trying to catch up with 16 years of tech innovations, just takes a little time longer than it used to :? .

Most of my driving is in town. I.e. 50/60 Km/h.
Manual driving millage is anything between 20 km/l to 25km/l in 50km/h zones.
Need to experiment a bit more with Adaptive cruise overall. Using that during town driving is max 18km/l, but I guess it's a combination of "Quick response" and "max distance". Still learning here 8-)

Hope you forgive me the looong message, but ....
Writing this message, :D
Thinking about Niro :D
Every single time I get close to Niro :D

Cheers Per

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