Dipping my toe.

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Old Salt
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Dipping my toe.

Post by Old Salt » Fri Sep 15, 2017 6:18 pm

Hi Guys,

I have been a Kia owner since 2010 and have had 2 Sorento's. Now my wife and I are retired, we are looking for our replacement car, the Niro seems to have taken our fancy. We currently have a Sorento KX-4 which is has all of the bell. whistles and twiddly bit, I expect we will go for the Niro First Edition or 4 as it is called now.
I could be asking a few question along the way, so please bare with me. ;)
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Re: Dipping my toe.

Post by Fred_Bristol » Fri Sep 15, 2017 7:28 pm

Hello David
Welcome. As you know the only stupid question is the one you need to ask but don't ask. (I'm not saying I wouldn't give a sensible question a stupid answer!)

My wife and I are retired and really don't need two cars. We have one electric and one petrol. We are considering a Niro HEV and a Niro PHEV. Because our annual local short journey (well under 30 mile) electric mileage is 3 to 4 times our annual long distance petrol mileage a PHEV makes sense financially, and we prefer the driving characteristics of an electric car. The Niro PHEV is also cheaper than a long range electric car. That said the Niro HEV comes close to the all electric driving experience in respect of pulling away from a stand, but somewhat less zippy.

My only doubt is the unknown (to me) quality of KIA after sales service.

Of course your circumstances may be totally different.
Best wishes

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