Hello to all .... Should I be worried about buying?

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Hello to all .... Should I be worried about buying?

Post by DoubleGee » Wed Aug 21, 2019 10:18 am

Have found a lovely Niro 3 at a local dealer ; 18 plate, 11000 miles, Ocean Blue and looks and drives wonderfully.

so, it begs the question to me that;

# why would someone be rid of a car so soon?

#Are there any problems that I should be aware of?

#I have read that early Niros had electrical and brake issues...has that been resolved?

I really want to buy this car, but never having owned a hybrid, I'm sceptical that the complications of the system aren't all resolved yet.

worried from Watford

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Re: Hello to all .... Should I be worried about buying?

Post by HaxbyPete » Wed Aug 21, 2019 5:27 pm

Check it's previous registered owner history. It is possible that this may be an ex-lease car which has simply been returned after a lease with low miles. Remember that the car will still have the balance of the 7 year manufacturers warranty remaining which will transfer to you upon purchase. This warranty will remain for any future purchaser within the 7 year/100,000 miles. I have been driving a First Edition (Niro4) for the past three years and over 15,000 miles ('16 reg) and I have had none of the problems you have outlined or even heard about ! My only problem was once when the front passenger door handle came away in my wife's hand. That was immediately rectified under warranty.

I am right now awaiting my next Niro 4 Hybrid to be delivered which will be in the next two weeks. I have found no other self-charging Hybrid car on the market to beat it, so i ordered a second one as my first lease ends in September. My current average mpg on the present tankful is 55.3mpg and on a run into the countryside today for lunch at a village pub up in the N. Yorks. hills I returned 61.9mpg.

The Hybrid concept, especially the self-charging version, is economical, easy to operate (you never run out of electric power), and much simpler to drive than you might think. The KIA Niro is the best car I have ever had and that includes the 14 Volvo estates i had over 25 years of business !

My advice to go for it - you will not be sorry !

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