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Kia Niro: Maps & Software update

Posted: Sat Aug 11, 2018 12:50 pm
by knea
Maps & Software updated today, car is a Niro HEV 1st Edition.
In case you want to compare the updates with what the versions you are running, here are the details:
Software - DE_HEV.EUR.SOP.005.9.180306
Firmware - DE_HEV.EUR.
Nav App - STD_AVN_MID.EUR.KMC.170927.a803344
Maps - EUR.

ECU update available as well, at least for my VIN

Re: Kia Niro: Maps & Software update

Posted: Sun Jan 06, 2019 4:31 pm
by radar2018
Is there a newer version of map than the one above?
My NIRO PHEV (NOV 2018) is the same as that and I find that I am being told " please refer to map" every time I encounter a road that has been there for about 2 years.
I want to know before I go to dealer to see about a map update, if that is the latest available to KIA then I will just have to accept it ( I currently use WAZE)
Are these maps TomTom based as my brother has a PRUIS and had update and has all these roads that I find I am going over grass fields

Re: Kia Niro: Maps & Software update

Posted: Thu Jan 10, 2019 1:15 am
by jerrytaff
there are 15 pages of discussion on the subject here: ... 834?page=1
to save some time....the 15 pages can be summarised as follows:
1. maps are supplied by HERE.
2. They seem to be over a year out of date at the point when Kia make the annual update available
3. Owners then often only get the update with the annual service - up to a year later, so the data can be 2 years old when installed and 3 years old when updated. However, some users have reported roads that have been visible in Tom Tom for 4 years still absent after the latest map updates.
4. Updates to maps and software are free for 7 years, but you should expect to pay £25 for labour for the update. Some places charge more.
5. Many users find that they still have the old maps after having the system updated. It appears some dealers load the new software but forget that the maps need updating separately.
6. Other dealers seem to deny having the updates available. One PHEV owner was told by the Reading Dealership that they had not received the 2018 update as recently as December, even though it was issued in the summer.
7. the first post in this thread lists the latest software. There are no later maps.

I have been researching because my March 2018 PHEV which I bought 6 months old (ex demonstrator) still has the 2017 software. My local dealership have agreed that they should have updated it before selling the car. I should be getting it updated tomorrow.

Re: Kia Niro: Maps & Software update

Posted: Fri Jan 11, 2019 12:17 pm
by jerrytaff
Updated by Kia Towerhill (Chipperfield) for free. Now matches the Version IDs posted by knea above. Nice one.