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Post by camiano » Sat Feb 02, 2019 10:45 pm

Hooray - My PHEV Niro finally arrived two weeks ago and is sitting in my drive - almost 6 months since I ordered it. The dealer honoured the £2500 EV grant and even gave me £120 further discount as the Charge Point install offer had ended. The weather has been pretty atrocious in the last 2 weeks so not really had the chance to drive it much but in the 206 snowy and icy miles so far it's been great. (it's a pleasant change from my old BMW which was all over the place in snow!). The dealer arranged for a Charger installer to contact me - and charge point installed neatly in my garage, however I've hardly needed to use it as I'm charging at work for free.
Was it worth the wait ? Yes I think so. Time will tell.

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