Considering buying HEV version of Niro

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Considering buying HEV version of Niro

Post by KiaEst » Mon Jan 21, 2019 6:39 pm

Hi all. Have been reading this forum for quite some time now. A lot of useful information ! I´m looking for a new car and Niro HEV seems to be good option. I haven´t been able to test drive one yet, hopefully it will happen soon. I have few questions what I haven´t found satisfing answers yet. Maybe somebody can help me out here.

1. Why there is 0 videos on the internet about Kia Niro HEV test in snow? This is just strange. I´ve reed here some comments about car´s capapilityes and that´s it. For example during last night it snowed 8 inches of snow at my place. I had some issues this morning with my Accord to get moving but 2.4 L engine did his job finally + good winter tyres. Does anyone has experience with this kind of situation?
2. Is it possible to install fuel powerd preheater (Webasto, Eberspächer) for heating up engine and inside of car on cold morning?
3. isn´t this foot operated handbreak in the way while driving? Could you accidentaly push it while driving ( streching your leg for example or something like that) ?
4. Has anyone installed after market power tailgate system?
5. Is it a good family car? I have two sons (4 and 12) and my wife. Is it comfortable for 4 or is this getting little bit too heavy for this car?

Ok, I think thats it... I know some answers I can get also from dealer but I thought if I´m writing here already then why not to ask. Thanks and all the best!

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Re: Considering buying HEV version of Niro

Post by deguy » Mon Jan 21, 2019 9:01 pm

Where are you based that you have 8" of snow?

1. See my comments on snow here. Main issue is traction at the front in corners, rather than beating through snow.
3. No, the foot operated emergency brake is well to the side, up above where your foot would normally be. But I have a LHD, not sure about the RHD version.
5. Works fine for our family of four (kids similar ages), we even took it on a self-catering summer holiday within 4 weeks of getting it. You can take all the false floors and trays out of the boot to get a decent luggage space, even if the shape isn't brilliant.
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Re: Considering buying HEV version of Niro

Post by KiaEst » Mon Jan 21, 2019 10:25 pm

I live in Estonia. When it's snowing here then it's snowing good 🙂 Ok, so front slides easyly when coming into corner... haven't noticed it with my Accord yet. But I'm using studded winter tyres from GY which I think is the main reason for not getting understeer. I think I would buy same for Niro. No studds allowed in Germany for you. That's shame because when there is ice under snow, studds make big difference based on my driving experience. Estonia is also LHD country. Is there still a good position for your left leg during long rides? ( I know, I really should go and check out the car myself but nearest dealership with Niro on stock is about 500 km, so I intend to get as much info beforehand as possible) It's good to know that there is good space for 4. What is your average l/100 km during winter? At the moment we have - 15 C outside, I wonder how much would economy drop in these kind of conditions...

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Re: Considering buying HEV version of Niro

Post by jerrytaff » Tue Jan 22, 2019 12:40 pm

I guess that not many of us on this UK forum have experience of driving in the extreme conditions that you have in Estonia. In fact, many of us can get by on summer tyres all the year around, so our limited experience on snow will be a lot more exciting than yours if you have studded tyres.

Although the UK reviews suggest that the Niro is lacking in grip, due to its low rolling resistance tyres, I find that its FWD and Low centre of gravity (despite its shape) result in good grip when cornering in the wet. However, I do have the PHEV, and the weight of the extra batteries might have something to do with it. I haven't driven it on snow yet though.

Can I suggest that you you try posting the same question on this forum: as the majority of the members are based in the USA and Canada? They are more likely to be able to provide the answers you need. I think that the lack of AWD will put some potential North American and Canadian buyers off due to their concerns over its viability in the extreme conditions.
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