Goodbye Niro, Hello Ioniq

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Goodbye Niro, Hello Ioniq

Post by Redmires » Sun Mar 10, 2019 1:01 pm

The 2 year lease ended on Friday and the Niro 2 went back. Last weekend I bought an 18 month old Hyundai Ioniq. I did offer to buy the Niro from the lease company but they declined to sell. Used prices on the Niro were more expensive than the Ioniq and I fancied a change anyway. Here's a few comments and a brief comparison.

20,284 miles at an average of 59.5 mpg.
No faults or issues with the car at all
1st service - £159
2nd service - £190
One product recall.
Customer service -
1st service & product recall - absolutely awful (see other posts).
2nd service (taken to another dealer 40 miles away). No problem.

Summary: A fine car that I've been more than happy with.

I've only done a few journeys in it so this is just first impressions. The drive train and controls are almost the same as the Niro so not much different to drive.
MPG - currently about 10 mpg more than the Niro (69 mpg)
Seating doesn't feel as comfortable as the Niro (but may improve as I get used to the Ioniq)
Headlights - very impressed with the Xenon headlights in the Ioniq
Spare wheel - a real bonus to have a proper spare again
Very good spec on the Premium Ioniq (keyless entry & start, wireless phone charging, heated seats etc)
Adaptive cruise control - seems to work well
Boot space - a huge boot when compared to the Niro, which seems strange when you see the two cars side by side. The Ioniq tapers in at the rear and the Niro easily looks the larger of the two.
Sat Nav - free updates
Roadside assistance - free 5 year cover
5 year warranty (as opposed to Niro 7 year)

Not much else to report at the moment but if anyone on here buys a metallic grey, 2 year old Niro (FX17 ***) with about 20k miles on the clock then rest assured that it has been well looked after and driven carefully ;)

And finally, a big thank you to the people who run the owners forums worldwide, who allow us to research our cars and share our opinions and findings.

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Re: Goodbye Niro, Hello Ioniq

Post by HaxbyPete » Mon Mar 11, 2019 5:55 pm

After reading your post about your switch from Niro to Ionique I went to my local Hyundai dealer today. But I was surprised to find that the ionique is a Saloon car like the Optima - not a Crossover like the Niro.

So it's so much a lower entry and exit point and no good to me for that alone as I want a car I can just get into and out of straight onto my knees.

I was surprised how almost identical the control panel is to the Niro - what a pity they didn't enter the Hybrid market with a higher car !

Hey ho - still looking for anything to replace my Niro HEV4 when the changeover time comes around in September but it looks like I will just be getting another one of the same - but hopefully the upgraded model by then. A really great car !

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