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New to hybrid.

Posted: Wed May 29, 2019 10:23 pm
by Savethebeer
Going from a Kia Venga diesel to a Niel PHEV in about 3 weeks. First time in a hybrid.
ICE kicks in when AC or heat in use. Does this use as much petrol as when driving by ICE?
Do using dipped lights (day or night) cause much battery drain?
Do batteries develope a 'memory' if charging cable connected when only partially discharged?
Thanks Bob

Re: New to hybrid.

Posted: Mon Jun 03, 2019 11:05 am
by jerrytaff
ICE uses minimal fuel for AC, slightly more if heating is required - brings the MPG over the first 30 miles or so down from infinite to round about 95mpg. I use dipped hedlights most of the timne and despite being inefficient - non-LEDs they don't seem to reduce the ICE-free miles significantly. I also use the heated seats most of the time with little effect - that does not use the ICE and I prefer that to using the heating - which I only use sufficiently to keep the windscreen from misting up (or to keep the rear seat passengers happy if travelling with any).
The Lithium Batteries do not develop a memory - they are not like NiCads.

Re: New to hybrid.

Posted: Mon Jun 03, 2019 6:51 pm
by Savethebeer
Thanks for that Jerry. I am looking forward to many new Miro. Bob

Re: New to hybrid.

Posted: Mon Jun 03, 2019 7:56 pm
by jerrytaff
I think you will enjoy it. What sort of journeys will you be doing?

If limited to 25-30 miles or so around town you can pretty much avoid using any petrol. The electric motor has enough power unless accelerating hard -e.g overtaking up hill or getting from 30mph on slip-road up to motorway speed. The battery doesn't last long at 70mph though - 15-18 miles perhaps, so onlhy good for very short motorway runs. I recently completed a long road trip without access to charging facilities and still averaged 55 mpg. However, if you push hard on the ICE it is a bit noisy, not very refined, but that's probably not so different from the diesel you are used to.

Its actually surprisingly good on long motorway journeys - very comfortable, especially with the heated seats on full to prevent back aches (I have back issues), and the adaptive cruise control and lane keep assist make for a very relaxed drive.

If you haven't ordered a home charger yet - wait a bit, you will probably find that you don't need it. I charge mine in a bit over 4 hours from the 13A socket in my garage. With a home charger, that is only reduced to 2hrs 15 minutes as the PHEV has no fast charging capability. If, like me, you end up charging overnight, then there is no practical advantage in having a home charger

Re: New to hybrid.

Posted: Tue Jun 04, 2019 10:59 am
by Simongw
I have had my PHEV just a few months now and love it. So much better than the Toyota CHR hybrid I had before. I agree with jerrytaff. I'd add that if you want impressive overtaking, drop out of EV and into hybrid, then slip into sports mode. I live in a rural area and find it very useful to do that sometimes on country roads. I live 12 miles from town and get there and back, and around town, comfortably on electric alone.
I have a home charger. I see it as an investment. With grants it only cost me £54 to have installed- that may be because I am in Scotland so get "a bit extra" from Energy Saving Trust Scotland..not sure about that. It also means I am now used to how to charge the car when on a long run and using public chargers.