new order for E-niro Advice / basic questions

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new order for E-niro Advice / basic questions

Post by ray_kia_niro » Mon Aug 05, 2019 4:03 pm

Hi guys,

After finally seeing an E niro in person today, we are seriously considering placing an order for it. As I understand it is a £1k deposit and around 12 month waiting list. What I was just wanting to understand is is there any scope to haggle the price down at the dealers , is this something that needs to be agreed now or nearer the point of delivery. as I understand it, the deposit is simply to join the queue, but that also implies that they don't realy have an incentive on sweetening the deal at this point, is that a fair assumption?

Just looking for advice before I return to the dealer.

as I also understand it, there is only 1 trim level for the E-niro, and in placing an order I will be ordering the model for next year, the specs of which are not finalised.


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Re: new order for E-niro Advice / basic questions

Post by HaxbyPete » Mon Aug 05, 2019 9:33 pm

I would very much doubt that any KIA dealer in the UK would be interested (or even allowed) to 'do a deal; for you on an E-Niro as they are in such short supply and so oversold - why would they discount something that they can't even get enough of ?

Much more likely, if you shopped around in the next few months, will be the possibility of 'speculators' who placed earl;y orders anticipating a high demand offering their cars for resale at a premium as delivery time approaches. Whether KIA have some control procedures in place to stop this happening - I do not know.

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