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Post by Adnic81 » Sun Oct 20, 2019 7:19 am

Our 335D Xdrive is up for sale as I want to move away from diesel and do something for the environment. End goal is to be in a E Niro but just not yet.
I am probably going to have the Niro for 2 years before going all electric. The question is do you pay the extra and go PHEV or stick to the HEV? Most of my wife's mileage is local and limited to under 30miles.

The PHEV fits this perfectly but is it worth the extra money? Also so annoying you can't get them in that stunning ocean blue.

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Re: PHEV or HEV??

Post by HaxbyPete » Wed Oct 23, 2019 4:07 pm

I just acquired a second Niro 4 HEV after first having a 2016 First Edition three years ago. That was in Ocean Blue.

I also looked at the PHEV this time around and, though it says it will drive up to 30 miles per charge on electric there is still a significant difference in price - and no longer any Govt. Grant towards the cost on a hybrid vehicle.

So I decided to stick to a self-charging HEV, the new one is in sexy Runway Red, and I have just driven 105 miles up and over the North Yorks. Moors to near Whitby and back from York. Mpg for the trip was 55.3 mpg.

No range anxiety. No looking for charging points. And you can get it in that gorgeous Ocean Blue that you want !

In fact there is one for sale right now at Kia Bletchley, Bucks, with only 15K miles on the clock and in showroom condition. It's my 'old' one and they are asking $20,695 for it with 4 years KIA warranty still remaining. Here is the link to their website:

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Re: PHEV or HEV??

Post by davethesteam » Sun Oct 27, 2019 5:48 pm

I have an ex - demo PHEV (new November 2018). So far very pleased with it. Most of the mileage so far (2000 mls in 2 1/2 months) has been local where I have maximised use of electric where possible. Have done several long runs (300ml round trip). Overall mpg to date - 126 mpg. On HEV only have achieved up to 70mpg.
Am quite happy - I intend keeping until end of warranty - is it worth the extra cost over HEV - I suspect it will be break even.

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Re: PHEV or HEV??

Post by Simongw » Thu Oct 31, 2019 4:22 pm

I have just done a little over 5000 miles in my Niro PHEV. I have recorded all petrol fill-ups and now calculated that I average 215 mpg. Admittedly much of my driving is rural into town and back ( a round trip of about 20 miles) so can rely on only electric. However, have also done round trips on motorways of 400+ miles and some fast dual carriageway. On HEV I,too, get between 70 and 80 mpg...though declining now as it gets colder weather. The Toyota CHR 1.8 hybrid I had before averaged around 56 mpg.
However, I bought the car new. Here in Scotland the Energy Savings Trust give an interest free car loan for PHEV and all-electric- so the PHEV was a "no-brainer".
The PHEV also has a good spec. Am very happy with it so far.
2018 Niro PHEV in white. Bought in Dumfries, south west Scotland

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Re: PHEV or HEV??

Post by Adnic81 » Thu Oct 31, 2019 7:44 pm

Thanks for the replies.
I am now the happy owner of a gravity blue 2018 PHEV. Really impressed with it. Yes it feels slow after the 335d but other than that it seems a really good car. Averaged 88.2mpg on the way back from Portsmouth.
Will report back over the coming weeks.
Just need to get the polished out on it as the dealers idea of fully valleted is not the same as mine.

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Re: PHEV or HEV??

Post by niroal » Mon Nov 04, 2019 6:31 pm

Over more than 26000 miles logged onto Fuelly our PHEV averaged 84.6 and that was with no major eco driving and frequent long distance driving. European type motorway speeds were regularly reached. One huge advantage when we got ours was ADAP was standard on the PHEV but not on the standard 3. The government grant was still active when we got ours so it was only about £10 - £15 or so a month more than a 3 with ADAP so was more than worth it.
Niro 3 PHEV Graphite

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