What wall charger?

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What wall charger?

Post by Adnic81 » Sun Oct 20, 2019 7:27 am

What a minefield :shock:
I am heading toward a PHEV and wanted to get so.e idea of chargers and what is best. So many mixed reviews out there.
Thought I had found the answer with a Chargedev smart + unit....but you have to have an ethernet connection. I have no easy way without being unsightly,way to connect it. So this rules this one out.
Chargemaster unit seems really good but they charge you for the smart side of after 2 years and the reviews are sketchy for the app.

Any advice would be good.

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Re: What wall charger?

Post by davethesteam » Sun Nov 17, 2019 3:08 pm

If you are heading for the PHEV, there is absolutely no need to go for a specialist charger. The Niro PHEV cannot fast charge even if -plugged into one.
I did a belt and braces job for mien - I had a dedicated circuit box installed terminating in a single twin 13 amp socket outlet. Charging from absolute zero on the main dials, takes about 3hhrs 50 minutes. You can just use a standard 13amp socket outlet. Doing it this way, should I decide to go for an all electric, it is a simple matter to change the RCD in the circuit box and wire up the fast charger. All of the above predicates you in UK - what the situation is elsewhere I have no idea.

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