Wireless car play

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Wireless car play

Post by Tallpaul » Thu Nov 28, 2019 3:56 pm

I have a new self charging Niro 4 with wireless charging.

However the car does not support wireless car play.

What’s the point in having a wireless charger if I have to plug my phone in?

Anyone know if they may upgrade the software?

As far as I’m aware the car has the required components to make it work

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Re: Wireless car play

Post by HaxbyPete » Thu Nov 28, 2019 5:34 pm

Hello Paul, I also have a new 2020 Niro4 HEV and I too noticed that when I put my Apple 11 onto the wireless charging pad and it connects to the AV system via Blue Tooth, I can use it hands-free through 'Hey Siri' to play my music, to make calls and to find directions. This is all without connecting it to Aople Car Play via an untidy connecting cord !

I agree that to need a connecting cord at all to use Apple Car Play when the charging is now wireless seems ironic but maybe it is just a case of evolution ?

So without the cord I simply say "Hey Siri play me ......" or Hey Siri call ......." or even "Hey Siri get directions to ....".

The only thing it won't do is to play something from my Spotify account as Siri does not support Spotify (which is in direct competitor to Apple Music so it wouldn't). But if I need my Spotify playlists so badly I can just get the connecting cord out and link the iPhone to the USB socket and Apple Car Play will launch. It's no problem.

Otherwise the new car is as excellent as my previous Niro First Edition 2016 was. One or two minor niggles like the position of the digital speed read-out being hidden behind my right driving hand on the steering wheel and the "Lane Follow Assist" button being hidden below the steering wheel and it seems impossible to disengage the 'on from start up' default setting. Even though I've tried !

Great cars through - this is the fourth KIA I have had !

Happy driving Paul.

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Re: Wireless car play

Post by SnowCanada416 » Tue Dec 10, 2019 9:43 pm

Ditto for Android Auto. The wireless charging pad works fine and the phone can connect via bluetooth for audio/media and phone calls but the map display only works through the USB cable. I turned off the wireless charging pad.

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Re: Wireless car play

Post by pw2112 » Sun Aug 02, 2020 7:48 am

Have a look at this link, wireless carplay is possible


I bought one of these, it cost about £150, although I paid in US Dollars and it shipped from China or Hong Kong, I paid for the fast shipping and it arrived in about two weeks.
I had a Kenwood double din unit fitted in a Mondeo at the time, I have had my Niro 3 for two weeks now and it works in that too, before ordering I emailed the seller to ask about compatability and they quickly replied. I was a little unsure so I paid with PayPal incase of any issues but there were none.

I am happy with it, I leave my phone in my pocket when I get in the car and it automatically connects.
I live in Cheshire and would be happy to demonstrate it to anybody local if that helps.

There may be other ways of achieving wireless car play but this one works for me, I first saw it on https://www.carplaylife.com/

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