6 weeks in....so what's it like?

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6 weeks in....so what's it like?

Post by Emperor » Sat Jul 22, 2017 4:00 pm

After 6 weeks ownership I am beginning to draw some conclusions about my Niro2 with ADAP.
Having waited 6 months for it, I was concerned that it just would not come up to my long awaited expectations.
I had not seen the blue colour I ordered until the day it arrived. Now having seen other Niro around the dealership and out on the road, the blue colour for me has the edge, giving it a little more of a refined and defined look. Friends have been equally complimentary and say it's is quite a "unique and stunning blue."
Next the performance. Having read and watched endless reviews, I was rather put off by criticisms of liveliness and fuel consumption. Having previously driven a 2L Diesel Merc, I have not been disappointed by the Niro's turn of speed in either eco or sports modes. The latter's "take off" has in fact been quite surprisingly quick on the few occasions I've had to use it.
Some reports flagged up braking as unresponsive unless great force is applied. I have found the braking as responsive as my previous vehicle and have never felt compromised by any "unreliable braking behaviour".
Fuel consumption had appeared to disappoint some new owners. Whereas my last car gave me 36 mpg in mixed driving and mid 50s on long runs, I am regularly achieving up to 60 for mixed and a couple of long runs up to 75 mpg.
The overall interior quietness of the cabin is a blessing after a chugging diesel. This is heightened by commendable suspension and a whispering engine, which is often totally soundless.
All-round vision is an improvement on my Merc and comfort in both front and back seats easily matches what I had been used to. My blind grandson finds getting in and out of car a lot easier than he has been used to and is thrilled that his somewhat hard of hearing grandpa can actually hear him from his back seat.
Admittedly the boot space is less capacious but so far perfectly adequate though may be a little more challenging for holiday excursions.
The technical stuff rather threw me at first but I am learning by the day and an occasional trip back to my dealer is most helpful.
The young guys seem to delight in showing off their know-how and talking through how things work in slow deliberate language for a poor old technophobe!
Compared to many, I suspect I do few miles, having only put 350 miles on the clock in 6 weeks! Such is retirement and the time consumed by a huge, demanding garden but can honestly say I have had almost nothing that leads me to believe that I will regret my purchase.
For me the Niro is a sedate and smooth trailblazer, if there can be such a thing, and I am quietly growing very fond of it.

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Re: 6 weeks in....so what's it like?

Post by djbobbins » Sat Jul 22, 2017 11:17 pm

I am just over three weeks in with exactly the same car, covering close to 900 miles in that time (below average mileage for me).

I have to say, it is growing on me. I was initially disappointed with the interior, relative to my previous car (Skoda Yeti Elegance trim level = heated leather seats) but am reconciling myself to the fact that I picked the Niro 2 rather than a 3 or First Edition owing to the lower company car tax. I have updated HMRC of the change of vehicle and my tax code has increased, my tax free allowance has gone up by about £1600 per year which means close to £700 per year lower tax.

The drive is quiet and I like the ADAP features, which will get a much longer run in the next few weeks as we are off to Europe on holiday, during which I expect we will cover the thick end of three thousand miles. In another one of my postings you will see that I have adapted the boot accordingly and increased the capacity significantly.

Economy is inching up, perhaps linked with a mellowing of my driving style - on my 11 mile commute I get between 52mpg (if the roads are quiet and / or I drive with any aggression) or about 58mpg if more relaxed. Today I did a 24 mile trip to see the in-laws, via some stop-start traffic in Stratford upon Avon, the average per the trip computer was 59.2mpg. Assuming all car odometers are broadly equally inaccurate, this is th first car I have had in about 13 years which is routinely delivering significantly sub 10p / mile fuel cost.

I like the colour and spotted (or rather, heard) one rather natty feature today. With the radio and sat-nav on, the navigation instructions only come through the front speakers, so the kids' music doesn't get disrupted in the back. It was one of those small things which made me think of the attention to detail in the design of the overall package.

I think I would still prefer a hand operated parking brake and I'm not convinced the interior will stand the test of time like the Yeti did, but yes, as an overall package I'm happy with the choice.

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Re: 6 weeks in....so what's it like?

Post by Fred_Bristol » Sat Aug 26, 2017 8:10 pm

These owner reviews are worth more than most of the journalist written ones. More please folks!

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Re: 6 weeks in....so what's it like?

Post by MrAnderson » Sun Feb 25, 2018 9:02 pm

Four weeks in & less than 200 miles on the clock, The car is a joy to drive, very smooth & quiet, I've no idea why you see people talking about lifeless brakes!!! I find them perfectly balanced & responsive. :?

Also I read that the ride was on the bumpy side with the 18" wheels which I'm not really seeing and I've driven over some bad road surfaces.

I haven't had time to check out all of the gadgets & toys yet or the mpg of the car, I put £20 in it just after I collected it from Kia Bolton & really not done enough miles to show an overall mpg figure!

From the short time I've had it I've only noticed a few 'Con's'
The boot is a tad undersized especially as I have to fit a wheelchair in there on a regular basis.
The tailgate gets very dirty quickly.
the seat belt buckles are hard to reach with the seat slightly forward.
But apart from those little things the car is very nice indeed, Big thumbs up overall to Kia. :D

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