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Post by Roadrunner13 » Mon Aug 03, 2020 11:49 am

I have a Niro 2 self charger coming up to two years old, which has averaged 59.81mpg over 23000 miles, I always thought I could finesse the pedal better than the cruise control, but recently on a long drive to Cornwall I did actually engage CC, and noted something quite different, most of the time the charge stays at approximately 4 bars increasing on downhills and degrading down to 3 on hills as you'd expect, but with CC on, it stayed charging up to 7 bars then proceed to run on battery until 3 bars at a steady 70mph with a fully loaded car, it continued to do this for a while, each cycle raising my mpg readout by 0.5mpg. The Satnav was running which could of had an input on how the car used the charge.
I admit, it's no motorway cruiser, as I knew when I bought it, but as that's only an occasional use I'm very pleased with the car, with a full load it did drop gears a bit on hills but overall a nice car to drive. My tyre pressures on a run, sit at 40-41.

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