Niro sub woofer control

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Andy F
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Niro sub woofer control

Post by Andy F » Sun Jul 26, 2020 8:55 pm

Recently got a Niro self charging Hybrid and am very happy with the car and its features.
One thing the dealer advertised that this car had was a sub woofer under the driver seat with a separate amp and volume control, something I have seen in a you tube video.
I can't see a control in the car or a sub woofer control in the dash menu's?

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Re: Niro sub woofer control

Post by AlanW55 » Wed Jul 29, 2020 4:27 pm

My first reaction to this post is that someone is taking the p.
But, in the spirit of friendly advice and cooperation that should be a feature of this forum I will try to help. My 2017 Niro has the top of the range JBL sound system and it definitely doesn’t have anything under the driver seat, nor the controls you refer to.
Can you post a photo of your sub-woofer showing how it’s fitted between the various airducts, adjuster bars, motors etc. that are under the seat.
UK 2017 First Edition HEV in pearlescent white, standard spec.

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Re: Niro sub woofer control

Post by HaxbyPete » Thu Jul 30, 2020 5:07 pm

Either the salesman doesn't know what he is talking about or has been confused with another car's spec or is simply bullshitting you ?

The Niro4 HEV does have a subwoofer- it is in the left hand side wall of the boot area looking from the open boot door. The volume control is part of the graphic equaliser which can be found under settings > sound> equaliser.

There you will find a slider control graphic for the various frequencies from high treble to deep base. So you can adjust them to your musical taste. Be a boom-boy if you wish !

Another useful function of the sound controls is to be able to move the balance of sound from front speakers to back speakers and left to right to get the 'sweet spot' in the drivers position if you wish !

I have now had two Niro4 HEV and this has been the sound spec on both. This is the UK spec of course, it may be different in the EU and the US markets.

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